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Interlibrary loan request for customers in Turku, Rauma and Pori

Interlibrary loans are on break from December 23th to January 1st

From 1 September 2021, the National Repository Library will send the scanned materials to the subscriber library, from which they will be delivered to the subscriber in paper. The transmission of articles in electronic form is not permitted under copyright law.

You can pick up the paper articles either from Feeniks Library or ask to send them to your office via university internal mail.

The interlibrary loan request is binding. When the request has been made, the customer must pay the costs of ordering the item even if it is not collected. Requests will be charged according to the valid pricelist.

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When supplying photocopies we follow the copyright laws and regulations.
We supply photocopies only in print format.

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N.B.! We are able to deliver items directly to customers only if the invoice can be sent to a university department, project or other university unit.