Library Card Application

Use this form to sign on as a patron at the Turku University Library and to order a library card in advance. Your card will be ready for pick up the following workday at the customer service of the library of your choice.

When picking up and activating your library card you must present an ID. To be able to receive a library card you need to provide an address in Finland.

* I will pick up the card from the following library:
Feeniks Library
Newspaper and Ephemera Services in Raisio
Calonia Library
Educarium Library
Quantum Library
Teacher Education Library in Rauma
Teutori Library
Turku School of Economics Library

Personal information:

* Last name:
* First names:
* Date of birth: Day: Month: Year:
* Street address:
* Postal code and city:
* Telephone:
* Email:

* Customer type:
Student, University of Turku
Open University student, University of Turku
Student, other university
Student, university of applied sciences
Student, other

Staff, University of Turku, department:
Staff, other university
Staff, university of applied sciences
Staff, other

Other customer

Additional information:

Check the information you have given and send the order to library.