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There will be a halt in library and departmental acquisitions at the end of the year (16th November - 31st December 2019) due to the Library changing its IT system.

The break in acquisitions will end when the new library system is in use. However, temporary delays in processing requests will occur even after the break.

We will keep all acquisition requests received during the break, and they will be processed in early 2020.

Your personal data is only used for handling your customer data. More information on the privacy pages.

Books will be acquired primarily in e-format, if possible, and in print only with good reasons.

If the material suggested is not acquired, you will be notified by email.

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History, culture and arts, Teutori Library
Education, Educarium Library
Education, Teacher Education Library in Rauma
Business and Economics, Turku School of Economics Library
Languages and Linguistics, Feeniks Library
Science and Mathematics, Quantum Library
Medicine, Teutori Library
Law, Calonia Library
Social Sciences, Educarium Library
Cultural Production and Landscape Studies, Pori Science Library
Business and Economics, Pori Science Library

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By ticking this box I give my consent for the library to store my personal data from this acquisition request form until the library has acquired and received the requested material, the material has been catalogued, and a notification has been sent to me.
I do not want the library to process my personal data in connection to this acquisition request, and therefore I have not filled in the fields below.
NB! In this case the library will not be able to let you know when the requested material can be read online or picked up from the library. Nor will the library be able to let you know, should the material you have suggested not be acquired.

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We only process your personal data in order to be able to correspond with you if needed. The personal information you supply by filling in this form will be recorded in two shared e-mail inboxes of those library staff members who are responsible for the selection and acquisition of information resources. The data may be transferred by hand to the library's acquisitions database. We store the information until the library has received the material you have requested and you have been informed that it is available. For more information, see our privacy notice.