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The library staff mainly take their holidays in July, but there may be delays in acquiring library materials at other times during the summer as well. However, customers can make acquisition suggestions and institutional orders using forms throughout the summer. We will process the suggestions based on urgency, prioritizing course book orders. Questions related to the acquisition of library materials can be sent to kirjasto@utu.fi. We strive to respond to questions as quickly as possible.

Course book acquisition request: https://apps.utu.fi/kirjasto/lomakkeet/coursebook-acquisition.htm

Department/unit acquisition form: https://apps.utu.fi/kirjasto/lomakkeet/department-acquisition.htm

Your personal data is only used for handling your customer data. More information on the privacy pages.

Books will be acquired primarily in e-format, if possible, and in print only with good reasons.

If the material suggested is not acquired, you will be notified by email.

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We only process your personal data in order to be able to correspond with you if needed. The personal information you supply by filling in this form will be recorded in two shared e-mail inboxes of those library staff members who are responsible for the selection and acquisition of information resources. The data may be transferred by hand to the library's acquisitions database. We store the information until the library has received the material you have requested and you have been informed that it is available. For more information, see our privacy notice.